The Beginning... my first and last blog

It's 2:16 am and I'm still up vetting the website before it goes live. I need someone else to do a spell check, as my Cape Breton English skills are as expected.  Not sure if I'm doing this blog thing right, but what the hell.

It's been a crazy ride so far and I never realized how much went in to starting a business. All of the behind the scenes business stuff, learning the art of kydex and working full time as a firearms instructor and min of 3 shifts a week as a police officer.

I have to send a huge shout out to Iggy of Fal Tac Limited His guidance and expertise in holster making and all things kydex is second to none. He has a wealth of knowledge, a rock star holster maker and a top shelf kind of guy.

For the business side of things, Brad of Nordic Marksman, has been my SME. Hundreds of calls, texts, and everything in between. If you need anything firearms related (guns, ammo, optics) check out Nordic Marksman  and make sure to ask for Cathy, you will all love her, trust

To all the boys, thank you for your encouragement and support. I know I drove you all crazy with pictures of holsters, logos, ideas, etc. I really appreciate you support and feedback.

To my amazing wife, thank you for all of your support, from everything to helping me build the shop, the numerous trips to Kent, Cdn Tire and putting up with me spending countless hours in the shop on my days off. I love ya babe.

If you are still reading this.... this is the first and last personal post. From here on in, I will use the blog page to post shooting drills, skills and articles.

Cheers to beers and sunny days